Do you still remember all the accidents suffered by Jorge Lorenzo at the start of the MotoGP season? Jorge Lorenzo crashed during a live game streak racing in Germany and the Netherlands. The effects of this accident makes Lorenzo had to undergo several operations. Actually not a problem he had surgery but get side effects from drugs that enter too much into his body.
Accidents that occur at the Assen circuit makes Lorenzo fall too hard on the bike. The result is that he had to undergo surgery collarbone. After the third week, Lorenzo returned to have an accident while competing in Germany.
Lorenzo admitted that after the surgery he underwent various processes have to take the drug in large quantities. The effects of drugs cannot make it to get a good portion of the exercise. This is what makes Lorenzo did not look up at her appearance in the United States.
Now position 25 points adrift of Lorenzo Marquez and make Lorenzo becomes increasingly difficult. He experienced severe difficulties and can only try to get the best points. Lorenzo also hope it will not get in an accident on subsequent matches so they can play well.